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Plaster Production and Production Technologies

Plaster Production and Production Technologies

Raw materials of different kinds of gypsum are natural gypsum and anhydride. These are found underground and gypsum quarry. Due to softness of the gypsum; low effective explosive materials should be used while getting gypsum through the quarries. Also  in order to get gypsum with alternative ways; excavator and sirkeyer can be used. The production and transportation costs should be low  because of getting gypsum and anhydride in bulk form. Generally gypsum and anhydride is poor enough to become plaster. There is no need to clean except after the process of crushing and elimination. Flotation method that was used for cleaning; wasn't successful.

Different methods and process types are used in gypsum production .These are listed below:
•    Dehydration Method
•    Rotary Kiln method ( vertical kilns )
•    Autoclave Method
•    Un-pressurized Method
•    Anhydride gypsum Method

In our country generally rotary kiln method is used in production of gypsum.  And the gypsum called as "beta gypsum" is prepared in this kind of kiln. Gypsum can be catogorised according to the most common production and usage  as below:

•    Pearlite Gypsum Plaster
•    Machine Gypsum Plaster
•    Satin Finishing Gypsum Plaster
•    Cornice Plaster

Mentioned as above;raw material(CaSO42H2O)that comes from quarry;carried to site. Crushing and elimination processes took place at site.Then in order to be kilned;it is carried by  conveyor(belt,helix etc..) to rotary kiln.Some amount of water that raw material cosists of is evaporated at 1000-1100 0C. At the end of that process,gypsum (CaSO41/2H2O) is formed.

Gypsum that is produced ;is in pure stage and it is called as "semi-finished product". Semi-finished gypsum is stored in silos.
Depending on the gypsum that will be produced (Pearlite Gypsum Plaster ,Machine Gypsum Plaster,Satin Finishing Gypsum Plaster ,Cornice Plaster)  gypsum is  classified ,eliminated and seperated.At that point gypsum (semi-finished product) that is classified accoridng to its size ;is stocked in different silos individually.

Depending on the kind of product that will be produced;this stocked gypsum is mixed with chemicals . In order to be packed; it is transfered to packing unit.